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Focused and individualized Physical Therapy to help you…


knee sprain


touch your toes


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The Care You Deserve

Apex is a small private practice where you will get the one-on-one care you deserve. Unlike larger practices, we take the time to learn your life roles as a worker, spouse, parent, or caregiver to understand how your current limitations may be hindering those roles.

20 Years of Experience

I’ve owned, managed, and worked in physical therapy practices of various sizes. I have seen hundreds of patients with hundreds of unique physical goals and challenges, often managing multiple patients at the same time. What I came to realize is that I can give much more individual care and attention to each patient in a smaller, intimate setting.

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Board certification in orthopedics and additional specialty certifications in Pilates, Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) and a RCCA (Road Runners Club of America) level 1 coaching certificate.

Reach your physical goals in 3 easy steps

1. Talk to your doctor

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2. Ask for a referral to Apex PT

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3. Start getting treatment

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