Apex Physical Therapy Honolulu

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of individualized physical therapy services that meet the rehabilitative needs of patients in their journey towards optimal health. Apex Physical Therapy Specialists is locally owned and operated in Honolulu. Our physical therapy clinic was created with the idea that each of us have different peaks of fitness and physical achievement. Each person’s goal and journey is important and we willwork to support and guide patients to achieving their best.

Physical Therapy Honolulu


Honor each person’s journey towards optimal health

Physical therapist with patient


Respect and appreciate our clients and their families

Physical therapy clinic visit


Develop a professional and personalized working relationship

One-on-One Individualized PT Care

We believe that the rehabilitative process can be fun and educational. At Apex Physical Therapy Specialists we aim to provide the best physical therapy in Honolulu and highest quality of individualized physical therapy services to restore optimal physical function. We work one on one with our patients with a licensed physical therapist. No aides or assistants.

We realize that your time and efforts are valuable and strive to provide a physical therapy experience that is rich with learning. Our therapists work one on one with patients utilizing their knowledge of the musculoskeletal systems to problem solve the concerns that contribute to symptoms or hinders function. We utilize manual therapy to address myofascial restrictions that may be obstructing motion. We then incorporate a therapeutic exercise program to maximize flexibility and strength so that tissues can be supported and function optimally.