Did you know that there are a quarter of a million physical therapists currently practicing, and the field is expected to grow rapidly in the next ten years?

Many people think you only need a physical therapist after an injury or surgery, but physical therapists are essential for maintaining an active lifestyle as you age. They can even prevent some injuries! If you are in Hawaii and experiencing pain or other physical symptoms, you might be wondering if it is bad enough to merit a visit to a physical therapy clinic in Honolulu.

Read on to learn how to tell if it’s time to go to the physical therapist!

1. You Have Lingering Symptoms After Injury

Some injuries, like a sprained ankle, need a bit of time to heal and can go away on their own. However, if you rest for a few days after a sudden injury and your symptoms have not improved it may be time to see a physical therapist.

If you have lingering dull pain, it might be a sign of a chronic condition or a serious injury that won’t go away on its own. Your therapist can assess and treat the pain at the source.

If there are visible changes like swelling or bruising, visit your physical therapy clinic right away to avoid making the condition worse through repeated use.

For example, if you stepped off the curb and twisted your leg, you might feel a dull pain in your knee and experience swelling. Some patients will wait in hopes that it will go away. However, it may be signs of something more serious like a ligament strain or meniscal injury.

2. You Feel a Sharp Pain

Sharp pains are never a good feeling, and almost always signal a serious injury like a pulled or torn muscle. They could also be a result of a stress fracture. None of these injuries will heal on their own but can be effectively treated by a physical therapist.

Acute pain that does not respond to medication is particularly concerning and means you should see a physical therapist who can help assess and tread your injury.

3. You Work Around Your Body

If your doctor asked you which parts of your body give you the most trouble, you can probably identify a few “problem areas” that you always find yourself compensating for. For example, maybe you have a bad knee and compensate with a slight limp.

By not addressing this issue, you are creating an abnormal gait that can increase your risk of a fall or cause another injury! Using the same example, your slight limp will throw your center of balance off causing you to tip over more frequently. It could also put more pressure onto your opposite knee, and before you know it you have two bad knees!

You might think trouble spots are a normal part of aging or sports, but they can be treated and corrected to give you a better quality of life so you and your body work together.

Start Physical Therapy Honolulu Style

If you’re in Honolulu and you’re experiencing physical symptoms that cause you pain or limit your mobility, it’s time to contact a physical therapist. For the best physical therapy Honolulu has to offer, check out Apex Hawaii PT for comprehensive services, experienced therapists, and great results.

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