ice pack on ankle

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries.  It occurs in about eighty five percent of ankle injuries.  If you sprain your ankle avoid activities that cause pain and rest your ankle.  If you ice your ankle for fifteen to twenty minutes every two to three hours daily, it will you’re your ankle sprain heal faster. Another thing that is useful is to compress your ankle with and elastic bandage to help the swelling go down.


Also, if your doctor thinks that its necessary, they may put you in an ankle brace. An ankle brace helps support your ankle, so you don’t have to put much weight on it.    

Even though ankle sprains are common if you take care of them correctly it will heal quickly and then you can get back to doing everything normally. If you have questions call Apex at 521-8500.

Two stretches that you can do to help your ankle:

1) Ankle circles : Rotate your ankle 10x in a clockwise and 10x in a counter clockwise direction. Going slowing and shy of pain.

2) Ankle ABCs. : Use your big toe a paint brush and draw capital letters A-L at first and as you get better A-Z. Go slowly. This gets your ankle moving in multiple directions. Again go slowly and shy of pain