2021 09 10 14.01.12 physical therapy honoluluWhen is it time to replace your walking shoes?

This is a question we as physical therapists at Apex Physical Therapy often get.  You would be surprised at the excuses we hear for not actually making it to the store to buy a new pair.  We all have our favorite shoes.  Maybe they are super comfy.  Maybe the right color to match all your workout outfits.  Maybe they have conformed to your feet with the perfect imprint.  Believe it or not, shoes do wear down. They are like tires on a car that wear down over time and eventually need to be replaced.

When you replace your shoes depends on how much you use your shoes and the type of terrain you walk on.

Walking/Running Shoes

If you are ONLY using your shoes for exercise they should last 6-8 months depending on how much walking you do.  Some people will use their shoes for work and then go walking after work.  We applaud this planning and effort.  Just know that if you are standing and walking in those shoes all day long, that adds to the wear and tear on your shoes.

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Another way to track when you need to replace your shoes is by the mileage you put on them.  At about 500-700 miles you will want to consider some new shoes.  Shoes do start to offer less support as they begin to break down.  Nagging pain in you feet or legs may be a sign that the cushioning has worn out.  In some cases you can see creases in the cushioning that makes up the sole of your shoe.  When you strike the ground, this cushion is meant to absorb shock and then bounce back.  If the cushion stays compressed, when you see creases, this is a sign that the compression is no longer effective.

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If the bottom sole of your shoe no longer exists or is smooth, this is also an indication that you need a new pair.  There should always be tread on the bottom of your shoe to enable good traction with the ground below.  When this is worn away then the cushion is compromised as well.


These are some shoes shared with us from a patient. With the pandemic we are all glad you are getting out there to walk but please take care of yourselves and your equipment.


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