Private Pilates

What is Pilates

Pilates is a great way to maintain strength while improving flexibility, a necessary balance for all individuals. Shawna first discovered Pilates when she worked at ATP Physical Therapy in South Pasadena with Tracey and Chris Mallett. She become Pilates Certified through Body Arts & Science and integrates Pilates into her work with physical therapy patients and private Pilates clients.

Shawna especially values the effectiveness of Pilates.  She feels that it balances and supplements her running workouts. Even through both of her pregnancies, she continued to utilize her knowledge in Pilates which made her return to full workouts after pregnancy much easier.

She uses her background in physical therapy and orthopedics to create an exercise program for her clients using incorporating Pilates. By working Pilates into her clients’ fitness regimens, Shawna is able to help her clients with certain medical conditions improve their stability and increase muscle strength. She enjoys assisting these clients through their concerns and helping them return to a more active lifestyle.